The Tabriz 2018 International simultaneous Chess Competition was held with the full support of Hofmann in Tabriz.

According to the Public Relations of Hofmann, in this competition, 2018 participants in the Eal Goli Park of Tabriz competed with 10 chess Grandmasters, including Anatoli Karpov, Ehsan Ghaem Maghami, Asghar Glizadeh, as well as Iran Chess Federation president and Rambod Javan all of who would have officially huffmanned by participating in this competition.


The competition was begun by the symbolic movement of chess grandmaster Anatoli karpov and Ehsan Ghaem Maghami the World record holder of the simultaneous chess.

The Tabriz simultaneous Chess International Contest, which is considered as the largest simultaneous competition in the country, was held by the material and spiritual support of Hofmann in 2018 for choosing Tabriz city as the tourism capital of Islamic countries.           Tabriz City # Hafmmanns