The presence of Hofmann’s big family

According to Hofmann’s public relations, the 3rd exhibition in Building Industry Activists in name “superior building of 1397” initiated by support of Hofmann big family at 29th Bahman 97. The exhibition was incepted with a speech by Professor Sadria (a member of Arbitration Award Committee of Aghakhan 2004 and 2007) and continued with speech by Mr. Pazhoum( the head of the Mass Producers of Khorasan Razavi ) and his acknowledgment of Hofmann about its support of Mass Producers Association through the country. Specialized meetings were also held by support and presence of Hofmann big family in this private exhibition that its invitees were invited and analyzed professionally. One of those specialized meetings was Global Movement Beyond Green Building that held with presence of Hofmann, one consultant, engineers and entrepreneurs of Building Industry, Mr. Hamidieh (Managing director of Hofmann) and Speeches by Professor Sadria, Mr Maghrebi (a member of academic staff of Ferdousi university) and Mr. Moshirfar (Sales manager). At the end of the meeting the drawing was done and 4 people received gifts from Hofmann and Mr. Hamidieh and the board visited the exhibition.

It is worth noting that this exhibition performed with trusted and well-known brands on Building Industry during 4 days. Finally, the exhibition ended with the attendance of exhibitors at conference hall of Mashhad Hotel Pars in 1st Isfand while Mr. Hamidieh was appreciated for his contributions to Building Industry and was granted a tablet and statue as a sign of acknowledgment.

Hofmann lies its goal in homeland serenity.