The heroic dissuasion of Hussein Mamipour against the Israeli tennis player in the final of 2018 World Tennis Championship for disabled people in Turkey

In the 2018 World Tennis Championships for disabled people in Turkey, Hussein Mamipour managed to defeat his powerful rival, Afitriadi, and made his way to the tournament finals. This Indonesian athlete removed Mehdi Tayebi from the tournament.

In the final, Hussein Mamipour’s rival was an Israeli athlete named Stokol, whom Mamipour chose heroically not to compete with him, and couldn’t reach the championship of the World Tennis Competitions for the disabled people.

It should be noted that Hussein Mamipour is a member of the tennis with wheelchair team of East Azerbaijan and since 1378 has the first title of Iran and he also is the only tennis player that has been the representative of our country for a course in the Paralympic Games in 2012.

“Hoffman” is the supporter of this national athlete and national hero.