The Governor of Yazd with his staff and a group of senior provincial managers visited Hofmann company.

The Public Relations department of Hofmann reported, Dr Zeynivand, Deputy Governor of Yazd with a group of senior managers of Yazd province included of academics, Board of Directors of Yazd Chamber of commerce, head of Management and Planning organization , the head of House of Industry, Mine and trade  and a group of elites and scholars by presence on the opening of the 6th annual festival and exhibition of tomato paste innovations and technology (RINOTEX 2018)  in order to support the large Hofmann family, acknowledged that Hofmann Co. is one of the typical Co of modern and advanced management and a special example of creating a suitable space for the growth of the industry. Dr Zeynivand said, Hofmann is a clear example of management, technology and innovation.

The great family of Hofmann; under thoughtful management of its CEO, Mr. Hamidiyeh would step forward strongly for growth and better future.