The golden statue award of National Consumer Rights Protection Association was given to Hofmann for the fourth consecutive year

According to the Public Relations of Hofmann; in the fourth festival of Consumers’ Rights Festival, which was held with the participation of a number of industry, service, distribution and tourism professionals in the Tabriz Petrochemical Hall, for the fourth consecutive year, Hofmann Company was given golden statute and appreciation letter.  The fourth annual festival of consumer rights protection of East Azerbaijan with the presence of the heads of state, army and senior managers of the province was held at Tabriz Petrochemical Hall on Monday, April 29. Some of the guests were as following: including the deputy chairman of the Governor Dr. Jahangiri, members of parliament of Tabriz, Azarshahr and Osko, Dr. Saiedi and Mr. Bimeghdar, member of parliament of Bostan Abad city and Chairman of the Assembly of members of parliament in East Azarbaijan, Dr. Mohammad Vahdati Hellan, President of the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization, Mr. Nejati.   The special guest and speakers of this festival was Director General of Non- Governmental and Provincial Supervision of the Organization for the Protection of Rights Consumers.

Hofmann; our goal is to bring calm to you for tomorrow