The Fifth Seminar of Hofmann’s top Representatives in country and Hofmann Managers

According to Hofmann Public Relations, the fifth seminar of top representatives in country and Hofmann executives, focused on examining problems and presenting new proposals with the participation of 11 top representatives in country and senior executives of Hofmann, including Managing Director Mr. Hamidieh, took place on 6 and 7 July of the year at the venue of the conference hall of Shahriar International Hotel after lunch. In this seminar, the suggestions and problems of the representatives were examined and, according to the order of the Hofmann’s clear-headed CEO, Mr. Hamidieh, senior managers of Hofmann, addressed these problems and analyzed the suggestions to the stage of implementation. This meeting was held in two consecutive days, and a great memory and thought were placed in the minds of the guests.

Visual Report of the seminar: