Technical Report Writing Workshop Held in Mashhad with Support from Hofmann

The technical report writing workshop of the Guild Union of Constructors of Mashhad was held on Thursday, 24.01.2018, with the support of Hofmann.

As reported by the Public Relations of Hofmann, this seminar, which was welcomed by more than 420 supervisors, constructors, workshop supervisors, safety officials and official experts to the Judiciary, was held with the aim of improving the technical and legal documentation in construction workshops, and protection of rights of employers, engineering supervisors, competent executors and administrative authorities.

The head of the guild and the secretary of the workshop, Mr. Mohammadreza Cheraghchi, in his speech at the beginning of the seminar, referring to the main objectives of the educational workshop, mentioned numerous problems of construction projects as one of the reasons for holding the workshop. Decrease of work related accidents and damages incurred to building constructors in the projects and increase of usefulness of buildings were of the main issues discussed in the workshop.

Mr. Babak Moshirifar, the Sales Manager of Hofmann, while paying compliments to the warm welcome and appreciating the presence of the guests in his speech, spoke about issues regarding the importance of optimized use of the limited energy resources, drawing on comparative statistics comparing energy consumption in Iran and other countries and the median IRR energy subsidy paid to households as reported by IMF, the median energy leak in buildings, and introduced the products and capabilities of Hofmann in the industry and the threats of use of non-standard windows by building constructors, as well as providing documents statistics on the UPVS windows prevalence ratio in mega cities.

As in previous years, Hofmann, supported this educational workshop, with the aim of improving the culture of compliance with standards and safety rules in constructions.