Hoffman Summer Holidays in Turkey

According to the Public Relations Department of Hoffman, in July 2018, in cooperation with Hoffman Managing Director the Engineer Mr. Hamidieh, all Hoffman personnel went to Turkey (Antalya) to spend their summer holidays and also spent their energetic and joyful moments in the city. Hoffman’s staff as the ambassadors of Hoffman and Tabriz in 2018 Read more about Hoffman Summer Holidays in Turkey[…]

Hofmann Iftar Ceremony

According to the Public Relations Department of Hoffman, this year, the company was honored to host the holy month of Ramadan, and to hold the feast in the Lord’s might with the presence of prominent figures, provincial officials and managers of the Tabriz  metropolis with the help of the good and prestigious CEO. Mr. Hamidieh. Read more about Hofmann Iftar Ceremony[…]

Honorable Hofmann as the top consumer advocate

According to the Public Relations of Hofmann, Hofmann Company was appreciated at the Third Consumer Rights Advocates Festival in East Azerbaijan, which was attended by a number of industry, service, distribution and tourism activists in the Tabriz Petrochemical Chamber.


Appreciation of the representative of the technical and professional director general and governor of the city of Morgheh from Hofmann

Honorable Mr. Yaghoub, Representative of the Director General of Technical and Vocational Education of East Azerbaijan Province, and Mr. Eng. Zafar Mohammadi, Deputy General Governor and Governor of Maragheh City, praised Hofmann Co. for having equipped the UPVC Educational Workshop of Maragheh Technical and Vocational Center