Samad Fahrenak’s Championship with the support of Hofmann

Public relations of Hofmann: Samad Fahrenak won the championship in tennis competitions in all regions of Iran with the support of Huffman.

According to Public Relations of Hofmann in the fifth stage of the tennis tournament in Tabriz, Samad Fahrenak won the championship with the full support of the Hofmann family.

In these competition managed by Noorollah Taheri,  Majid Charandabi and Ismail Daurpanah were judges of the tournament.

Awards and rewards of top players were awarded by Hamidieh, Hofmann CEO, Afshin Dabiri, Tennis Staff Secretary of East Azerbaijan, Bahman Shekari, chairman of the West Azerbaijan State Administration and Member of the Presidium of the Tennis Federation.

It should be said that Hofmann which is one of the prominent manufacturers of U.S.V.S. windows in the country, has always supported unparalleled from the sport community and athletics of Iran.