Iran’s Mass Producers meeting

According to Hofmann’s public relations, Iran’s Mass Producers meeting with the approach of rebuilding a sustainable city, presenting technical services and engineering held by presence of Iran’s Mass Producers and Mr. Hamidieh- managing director of Hofmann company- and by support of Hofmann’s big family at congress center of Persian gulf  in Tehran international Exhibition at 29th Bahman this year at 9:00 am. The meeting was initiated by speech by Mr. Barzegar- the head of the Mass Producers Association of Iran- and continued with speech by Mr. Erfanian- consultant of the Iranian mass production center- in which were the speakers and national guests such as Mr. Rezaei Kouchi (the head of Civil Commission), Mr. Moshirfar(Hofmann’s sales manager), Mr. Rousta (a member of the board of directors of urban reproduction of company), Mr. Bashir Gonbadi (the representative of the ministry of Roads and Urban Development) and Mr. Modoudi(the head of the Trade Development Organization and Deputy Minister of Industry), they appreciated the Hofmann’s annual support of this meeting. At the end of the meeting, the draw ceremony was done and a few people were granted worthy gifts by lot and Hofmann big family and Mr. Hamidieh were appreciated by tablet for their help to Mass Producers Association.


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