Honorable Hofmann as the top consumer advocate

According to the Public Relations of Hofmann, Hofmann Company was appreciated at the Third Consumer Rights Advocates Festival in East Azerbaijan, which was attended by a number of industry, service, distribution and tourism activists in the Tabriz Petrochemical Chamber.

The third conference of granting provincial certification of observance of consumer rights in East Azerbaijan was attended by Hojjat al-Eslam Mohammad Ali al-Hashem, representative of the Supreme Leader in the Province, Dr. Majid Khodabakhsh, General Governor of East Azerbaijan Province, Dr. Nawabi, chairman of Consumer Rights Protection Organization and other senior officials of the Consumer Rights Protection Organization, as well as Mr. Eng. Hossein Nejati, the Head of Industry, Mine and Trade Org., on Sunday, March 2, this year, at the site of the Tabriz Petrochemical Complex.

The purpose of this conference was to expand and institutionalize the culture of consumer rights observance, creation and consolidation and institutionalization of healthy competitive structure, and to encourage the activities of economic enterprises to effectively protect the consumers’ rights and pay tribute to elected producers.

At this conference, Hofmann and 43 production and service units elected out of 125 provincial units, were appreciated with golden, silver and bronze certificates and statues.

The call for the conference was announced in East Azerbaijan Province 6 months ago and out of more than 150 applicants, 44 units were selected by the Technical Committee, as example units. Price, quality, distribution, before & after sales service, informing and obtaining customer satisfaction were indices for the selection of example units.