Honestly sponsored by the Engineering Organization of the Markazi Province with the support of Hofmann

According to Public Relations of Hofmann, with the support of Hofmann, the Engineers Day Commemoration Ceremony was held on March 5th, the birthday of Nasir al-Din al-Tusi, at the Ministry of Engineering of the Markazi province, and was attended by 3,500 people.

The ceremony was attended by the General Governor of Markazi Province, Deputy General Governors, members of the Islamic Council of Arak, the Board of Directors of the Engineering System Org. of the Province, some of the executive directors of the province, and 3,500 engineers and their families, in Arak during two days.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Mr. Mohammad Hossein Moghimi, the General Governor of Markazi Province, addressed the important role of engineers in the development and prosperity of the country and said: “Engineers have always been at the forefront of the campaign, be it before the revolution or during the war and have always provided services valuable to the development  and progress of the country.

He added: ” Engineers have an effective presence in all areas, such that their role in all projects, large or small, built or under construction, is evident.”

The General Governor of Markazi Province emphasized the necessity of engineering all activities in the country, appreciating the professors of engineering and technical universities and praising the valuable services and activities of Construction Engineering System Org..

The ceremony was attended by engineer Gholamhassan Allah Dadi, Head of the Markazi Province Engineering System Org., who stated: ” The Engineering System Org. of Markazi province has 4,400 personnel for the technical fields of mechanics, civil engineering, electricity, architecture, and surveying, and we believe that we should accomplish important works and while protecting the national interests, take steps towards development of the Markazi province.

Mr. Eng. Allah Dadi, referring to implementation of National Building Regulations by Engineers of this Organization, stated: “Engineers of the Engineering System Org., have successfully implemented the national building regulations in all fields.”

Dr. Kazemi, Head of the Islamic Council of Arak city, appreciating the efforts of all engineers and congratulating the Engineers Day, said: “the engineering process has wonderfully evolved in recent years, thanks to the strong youth of the country.”

During the ceremony held by the specialized commissions, the top 20 high-ranking engineers were praised with  letters of commendation and awards.

It is worth mentioning that in this ceremony included various entertainment programs, including live radio show, comedy, live music and funny programs as well, which was welcomed by the several thousand people present and gained satisfaction of the engineers and their families.

Hofmann, as sponsor of this celebration, whilst supporting the ceremony by creating an exhibition stand, answered the visitors’ questions and holding a draw ceremony at all ceremonial occasions, awarded valuable prizes to the winners.

This ceremony was held on March 5th, 6th and 7th in Arak Setaregan Chamber (Hall of Stars) in the 7 sessions.