Hofmann’s big party at Spinas Palace Hotel

According to Hofmann Public Relations, Hofmann’s big party was held at Spinas Palace Hotel along with 11th Doors & Windows Technology International Exhibition (Do-WinTech 2019) in Tehran.In this party, some colleagues, representatives and customers of Hofmann Company were present, also Mr. Hamidieh, general manager and senior executives of the company. Mr. Hamidieh first welcomed the guests who were been with Hofmann Company in these years and have helped it to achieve company’s predefined objective and a good position.

Then, a traditional music band with its pleasant music from different regions of the country made a moment for the audience to always be remembered. Memory photos with the colleagues and managers of Hofmann Company and dinner were the conclusion of this party, which were held at Spinas Palace Hotel in Tehran.

Hofmann; A Family with Iran’s area