Hofmann Iftar Ceremony

Hofmann Public Relations reports, alike previous years, Hofmann company proudly host an Iftar party in holy month of Ramadan this year. In this party, prominent figures such some members of parliament including Dr. Masoud Pezeshkian as First Deputy Speaker who is currently representing Tabriz, Osku and Azarshahr electoral district; Dr. Sa’ei another representative of this district and other provincial authorities and managers of Tabriz were guests of Mr. Hamidieh the great general manager of the company. This party was held on 2019-5-31 in a very intimate and warm atmosphere. The presence of members of parliament along with deputy governors, city council members and the consul and business advisor of Turkish Chamber of Commerce & Industry along with general managers and supervisors of province bank, and members of the chamber of commerce and industry, and business owners made this party of Hofmann Company even sweeter.