“Hofmann” as the popular brand of the year for consumers

The sixth national festival of popular brand was held at Sharif University of Technology:

“Hofmann” as the popular brand of the year for consumers

Public relations of Hofmann Company reports: Hofmann Company received the golden statue of “popular brand” during the sixth national festival of popular brand for consumers.

In sixth national festival of “popular brand” for consumers which was held on 14 October at Sharif University of technology, Hofmann Company was selected as the popular brand in profile of uPVC doors and windows and received the golden statue of the festival.

In this festival, consumers of goods and services voted for their popular brands in different categories. 3600 brands from 10 main categories and 152 subcategories were competed to gain more vote from 2,550,000 consumers. Collecting votes were done during a 5-month period (5 May-6 September).

The sixth festival of popular brands for consumers was different this year. In this festival, besides of general overviewing and updating of web-based survey system, they used the survey application of popular brand, which was provided to consumers to do the survey more easily. This festival was free and all brands were evaluated only based on consumers’ vote.

On Monday, 14 October, this festival came to its end at Jabir Ibn Hayyan’s Hall of Sharif University of technology and 90 popular brands for consumers were introduced. The golden statue of Hofmann Company was presented to Mr. Moshirifar the sales manager of the company on behalf of CEO Mr. Hamidiye.

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