Diving Team of Hofmann Co. ranked second the best in National Top League of Diving.

According to Public Relations of Hofmann Co.: the first round of competitions of national top league of diving was held in International Pool of 9 Dey in Tehran. In this competition, 9  teams did their best in four sessions and three fields of 1 meter, 3 meters, and platform. According to Free Competition Rules FINA (Federazione internazionale del nuoto) the number of acrobatic movements determined and only people with 14 and older could participated in these competition (in each field, there were 12 and 13 years old competition separately).

Hofmann, Bargh-e-Shiraz, Life Fit Medical-Sport Clinic, Azadi Academy, Swimming Board of Kermanshah, Alborz, Taft, Oje Pak Arak, Tabriz were teams that participated in these competitions.

Surprisingly, one member of Hofmann Team named Rahimian had flu with fever and trembling at last moments before the start of the competition and hospitalized. After that, Mojatabi Vali Pur and Azim Zadeh got sick and were taken to hospital. Although Hofmann Team were the leading team by far before 10 meter-platform, it won’t win it and ranked second in these competition. Life Fit and Tehran Naft ranked first and third, respectively. We hope that with addition of sick members to the team in next round and final round we could win the league.

The second round of the competition will be held on Wednesday 01-22-2020 in International Pool of Shahid Shiroudi Stadium, Tehran.

Coach of Hofmann Team, Mohammad Reza Shakul said: unfortunately, we had a bad chance and we could not use Vali Pur, Rahimian and Azim Zadeh in the competition because of flue. We hope that with addition of these members, we could regain the first place of the competition.

Ranking of teams of National Top Diving League, 2010, first round:

Life Fit Medical-Sport Clinic: 76 points

Hofmann: 71 points

Naft: 54 points

Oje Pak Arak: 49 points

Bargh-e-Shiraz: 20 points

Swimming Board of Kermanshah: 18 points

Swimming Board of Tabriz: 5 points

Alborz: 4 points

Azadi Academy: 0