At the ceremony of celebrating the handouts of the East Azarbaijan wergild organization, head of the Hofmann was honored.

According to Hofmann Public Relations, along with the 40th day of the ceremony for Sayed Reza Moghimi Asl, the father of the Azerbaijani industry and the best handout of the province wergild, attended a ceremony with the presence of the head of the justice of East Azarbaijan province and the director of the prisons, and the secretary of the board of province wergild organization, handouts of the wergild organization were praised and appreciated. Engineer Mohammad Hamidieh, Hofmanns handout and effort Managing director, who has always been active in humanitarian activities, and along with the economic and production activities of Hofmann, emphasising on the social and cultural function of this industrial complex, has been present at this event and was celebrated.

Hofmann’s public activities are in line with the cultural and social tasks of this complex

Managing director of Hofmann Industrial and Production Complex, defines the presence in public affairs and supports cultural and sport programs, as one of his main tasks, and strives to fully support these activities.

The recent years of charity precence at the East Azerbaijan wergild and help to Financing Unintentional convicted offenders is one of the plans that engineer Hamidieh has taken in this direction and hopes to take a small step in helping the needy and returning them to family hug. Hofmann’s large family are also Companion and assistant in this job and they wish to reach the point that no longer a prisoner be in prison and away from the family, because of the inability to provide fines and wergild.

According to the Public Relations Department of the East Azarbaijan wergild organization, this ceremony held at the Justice of the provincial capital, Taghipoor, director of the provincial wergild organization, presented a  Full report of the organization activities. He stated that wergild organization is trying to maximize the number of free unintentional crimes prisoner with the help of the handouts. In the first half of the year, we have released more than 143 unintentional crimes prisoner with the help of the Provincial handouts and the country wergild organization.

Director of the Provincial wergild organization praised the charity, and said: East Azarbaijan province has the smallest unintentional crimes prisoner in proportion to urban population, due to the order of the Chief Justice of the province in last Shahrivar month to the judges of the cities and units, that in the traffic accidents and minor crimes, people not going to prison, and according to this, 1500 decline in the criminal record compared to last year was observed, with only a part of these prisoners being convicted of unintentional crimes.

Taghipoor added that there are currently 543 eligible unintentional crimes prisoner in the prisons, which 3 of them were female prisoners and 540 were male prisoners, including 393 financial convicts, 20 convictions of Inadvertent accidents and events. Also, 130 people are convicted to dowry and alimony, and they are in the province prisons; more than 400 billion rials are needed to release this prisoners.

About the wergild organization

Paying blood money or wergild to Parents and victims of road accidents and … has long been customary in various human societies, and the sacred Islamic law has also emphatically emphasized it. On the other hand, financial needy people who are unwittingly in a troubled are always and all the time in human societies and are not limited to a specific place and time, and in our society, every day, people without willing are caught in the vortices. They often do not have the lowest financial backing to compensate for the damage they incur.

accidents, are not just for a particular group

precence in prison and interviewing prisoners of unintentional crimes and observing human beings from every group and class, including the driver, mechanic, physician, engineer, clergy, artisan, inventor, teacher, painter, carpenter, painter, woman, man, old man, young and adolescent shows that accidents are not specific to a particular group of society, but includes all the groups.

Accidents comes without human willing, and because of it, if a worker is a simple employee or from other vulnerable sectors of society, on the other hand, with the insurance culture, the no payment of alimony due to unemployment has caused Debt and Fall of Individuals. This sad bitter and regrettable fact can be understood well in prison and in conversation with prisoners .

Harmful Impact of imprisonment on individual, family and community

The imprisonment of people due to debt, especially in unintentional crimes, has harmful effects not only on them and their families, but also on victims of crime.

Mental and psychological damage, moral corruption and other social harm are the consequences of individual, family and social of this. Although part of the damage by paying through wergild organization , on the one hand to the affected family and on the other hand it for the injured family can be compensated, but a great bulk of these injuries, including corruption and prostitution, drug addiction, damage of young people’s identities when their personality is forming and disintegrating family centers through unwanted divorces is the things that is hard to compensate, and sometimes is impossible.

Families which, one of their parents is in prison are getting disturbed, and these family members have a significant role in personality disorder in the behavior of children. According to research, it has been reported that about 50% of such children are in prison and crime.

The imprisonment of a person, in addition to the Bad effect on children, is also found in the prisoner’s wife, especially in cases of long imprisonment, the wife tends to divorce. Widespread evil traps on the path of these women not only is the cause of corruption of morality and ruin, but also threaten the health of the community.

It is a simple thinking that human, regardless of the accidents and events described above, with the idea of family care, protect them from dangers. Undoubtedly, if the flames of fire is not inhibited, many families will suffer these injuries.

The establishment history of The People’s Commissariat to deal with wergild affairs and help the needy prisoners

In 1369, prison authorities, after reviewing the prisoners’ data, found that the names of some of these prisoners were repeated each month in the stats list. The investigations carried out in this area found that these individuals were debtors of unintentional crimes such as mayhem or Unintentional murder caused by car accidents or non-fraudulent financial debts, or debts to the dowry and alimony that they have to pay these and until they cant pay, they will stays in prison. This godly and humane attitude creates hopes for the dignified needy prisoners of debtor in unintentional crimes for return to family and community hug.

Later, during the holy month of Ramadan in 1380, the first celebration of Golrizan was set up to liberate these prisoners, and the foundations of this charity were established as the wergild headquarters of prisons organization, and in 1382, with a new structure, as a charity and human institution, with the aim Assist in the release of unintentional crimes prisoners such as physical injury or accidental murders resulting from accidents, workshop accidents, financial condemnations such as reasonable dowry, and alimony, with registeration in company’s registration office, Continued its activities throughout the country.

 Hofmann, proud in every community

The managers of the Hofmann production complex with consideration of this aspect’s importance about problems of the people and the long and negative effects that the imprisonment of Family Guardians due to unintentional crimes have on the society, has always paid particular attention to this area, And since the cultural and social functions as well as the categories like family and culture, have been widely regarded by Hofmann, in particular Engineer Hamidieh, Hofmann complex tries that presence of wergild Headquarters of the East Azerbaijan and funding for unintentional offenders, will be a part of charity programs of Huffman on this issue. It is hoped that these example of charity activities by successful complex such as Hofmann, the Public benefit efforts of the large manufacturing and commercial complexes of our country will increase along with their economic activities. Hoping that day.