Annual Conference in Alborz Province

According to the report of Public Relations of Hofmann Co, with effort of Alborz Province Representative Hofmann Co. Mr. Abidi, annual conference of this company was held in Almas-e-Gharb Hall on 12-05-2019. This conference started at 13:00 while there were 250 top assemblers of this province and CEO of Hofmann Co. Mr. Hamidiye and top managers (Sales Manager, Head of Representatives and Advertising Manager and Public Relations). At first, Mr. Siyavash Nia Adverstizing Manager and Public Relations of Hofmann welcomed all audiences on behalf of CEO and called them “real commanders of the company”. He explained about new strategies on customer relations and advertising, and then invited Mr. Moshirfar, Sales Manager of the company on stage. Mr. Moshirfar reported the status of six first months of the year in terms of sales and explained about sales policies in future months. Finally, audiences were invited to serve the lunch while live music was performed.

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