Visiting general manager of tax affairs of East Azerbaijan province from Hofmann Company

General Manager of tax affairs of East Azerbaijan province, Mr. Sharifi, visited Hofmann Company together with companies tax assistant on Monday, Ordibehesht 10th, 1397.

Based on Hofmann’s public relations’ report, a meeting was held with the presence of the General Manager of tax affairs and CEO of Hofmann, Mr. Hamidieh, along with managers of the finance and production unit of the company, in which due to the problems and issues of production units in the industrial towns which most of them are tax issues, Mr. Sharifi stated that: Implementation of tax justice in the amount of tax payment by producer units is one of the goals and priorities of the General Department for Tax Affairs. He also stated that, the aim of tax system isn’t getting taxes with injustice and pressure on taxpayers, but also the main policy of this organization is taking taxes based on economic data, sufficient documents, identifying new tax sources and combating tax evasion.

Referring to the naming of the year 97 from supreme leader, “Supporting Iranian Products”, he said: the provincial General Department for Tax Affairs will apply its whole efforts to support domestic production and consumption of Iranian products.

Finally, Mr. Sharifi referring to supports of General Department from manufacturers and trade units, explains interaction between General Department and manufacturers and trade units, and described supporting employment plans throughout the province as part of the policy of the Tax Affair Organization of East Azerbaijan.