Hofmann Awarded with Provincial Consumers Rights Protection Certificate of East Azerbaijan Province

As reported by the Public Relations of Hofmann, the second gathering for awarding the Provincial Consumers Rights Protection Certificate of East Azerbaijan Province was held in Tabriz and Mr. Hamidiyeh the Managing Director of Hofmann, received the Consumers Rights Protection award for the second year in a row.

Good information provision to consumers, winning consumers satisfaction, good after sales services, compliance with rules of sales on installments, pre-sales and using hygienic and healthy packaging are amongst the criteria incorporated in selecting the business units protecting consumers rights.

Consumers and Producers Should be Trusted

The Head of East Azerbaijan Industry, Mine and Trade Organization said in Consumers Rights Protection Gathering: “Consumers and Producers should be trusted. Economic rents hinder correct execution of resistance economy”

Mr. Hossein Nejati said: “There should be no economic rent in the society as mere existence of them hinders correct execution of resistance economy”

He continued: “Consumers and producers complete each other and both should be trusted and we should observe and incorporate fair pricing and consumer orientation in our produced goods and products and trust the national products and sell national products and not disturb the national products, in such condition we should trust national products and prevent smuggling”

Forget the Motto “Sold Items Shall Not Be Taken Back”

The deputy of Consumers and Producers Rights Protection Organization, said in this gathering: “The motto of “Sold items shall not be taken back” contradicts consumers’ rights and should be change to the motto “Sold items shall be taken back”. Mr. Seyed Davoud Mousavi said: “Consuming national goods and protecting consumers rights should be considered in a functional way. He said the quality of after sales services and pricing are factors that need special attention by producers.” He also added that “In the national gathering of the current year, more than 117 elected companies were awarded and praised. The mining and metal sectors units won most of those certificates.” In the end he included: “We should try more than ever to inform people  of their consumer rights”

High Provincial Officials Hard Work for Realization of Resistance Economy

The Security-Political Deputy of the East Azerbaijan said in this gathering “As we all know, our supreme leader puts much emphasis on resistance economy and the Government had diligently tried to make economic resistance a reality”.

He continued “Fortunately this year, one of the pilots of resistance economy was implanted in this province and great work was done, though the effect of some of the works done will show several months later”

Mr. Saeid Shabestari added “High provincial managers and officials have done their best to make economic resistance realized” and saying that “it was very difficult and these works were results of the past and we have done great work, to the point that our exportation is more than importation both in IRR values and in weight and this has been a dream for several years.”

He added “Even though we had problems with smuggling, but with hard work we have reduced the smuggling of goods.” He said that “The most important duty of a sellers is to respect the consumer.” He continued “Some goods are advertised in the television and radio, but are they really like what we see in ads? Advertising is important but ads should be correct and true and the international standards that some national producers have gained by some ways and by this they advertise products, is not true.”

National Production is the Basis for Realization of Economic Resistance

Ayatollah Mohsen Mojtahedi Shabestari, the Friday Prayer Imam of Tabriz, said in this gathering that “In purchases and sales and transactions, everything should be based on reality and trueness” and added “What Islam orders is clean lawful income”

He said that national product is the pillar of the economic resistance and irregular smuggling of goods we should be combatted and that good quality and fair pricing are the conditions for protection of consumers’ rights.

The Friday Prayer Imam said that national production is the basis for realization of resistance economy and smuggling of goods should be controlled and the basis for protection of nationally produced goods is good pricing and good quality.